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Can A Font Decrease Driver Distraction?

By |December 5th, 2013|

Automobile and truck manufacturers are increasingly using a single LCD screen to control many in-vehicle accessories like music, GPS and climate control. The text styling on these LCD displays, as well as the buttons surrounding them, are a part of the manufacturer’s branding, just like everything else inside and outside the vehicle. This post’s title, “Can a Font Decrease Driver Distraction?” seems to have been answered as researchers have found that different fonts (typefaces) can have an impact on driver attention. More specifically, certain fonts, such as Humanist, can actually reduce driver distraction more than other fonts.

Going Beyond No Texting and Driving: Huron, South Dakota

By |January 29th, 2013|

By: Jeffrey Lapin

Cities and states have or are considering laws beyond just no texting and driving. One city, Huron, South Dakota, has adopted an ordinance that prohibits driver’s from activities that could be distracting, such as eating while driving. This is a good first step in trying to reduce distracted driving although enforcement could become an issue.

The ABC’s Of Safe Winter Weather Driving

By |December 19th, 2012|

The forecast for eastern Nebraska, including Lincoln, calls for snow and winter weather. So far, Lincoln has been spared any snow or ice on the roadway. There are a lot more accidents the first snow and ice of the season as drivers forget the differences in driving on dry and ice and snow-packed roadways. Last year we discussed winter driving: Drivers Prepare: Winter Weather Is Arriving Soon and Drivers Take Care: Winter Weather Is Almost Here. This post is presents a new way, using the ABC’s, to help drivers stay safe while driving in winter weather, snow and ice. […]

Get To Football Games Safely

By |August 31st, 2012|

By: Jeffrey B. Lapin

As we are about to start another Nebraska Husker football season Lapin Law Offices reminds everyone to be safe and cautious. Here are some tips to make sure you stay safe getting to and from Husker football games: […]

Computer System Used To Underpay Injury Claims

By |June 5th, 2012|

By: Jeffrey Lapin

A new report issued by the Consumer Federation of America (“CFA”), Low Ball: An Insider’s Look at How Some Insurers Can Manipulate Computerized Systems to Broadly Underpay Injury Claims, details how major car insurance companies are using computers systems, primarily Colossus, to underpay injury claims. One of the authors of the Report, Mark Romano, the CFA’s Director of Insurance Claims Projects, was formerly Allstate’s “Colossus Subject Matter Expert,” the top expert for Allstate’s computerized claims system. Allstate, and other insurers using these types of systems to evaluate claims, use a variety of tactics to lower the amount of money offered to injured persons. This post will discuss Colossus, how it is manipulated to underpay injured people and what regulators can do to ensure fair settlement offers. […]

Drivers Take Care: Winter Weather Is Almost Here

By |December 2nd, 2011|

Winter weather (bitter cold temperatures, snow and ice) is almost here and drivers need to remember to take extra care. Every year it seems that there are more accidents during the first couple of snowstorms as drivers tend to forget how to drive on snow and ice. An earlier post, Drivers Prepare: Winter Weather Is Arriving Soon, discussed how you should know your vehicle functions and features, having your vehicle in good working condition and by preparing a safety kit. This post offers tips and suggestions for driving in winter weather, snow and ice.


Drivers Prepare: Winter Weather Is Arriving Soon

By |November 30th, 2011|

As the temperatures drop we know the winter driving season is nearly upon us. Drivers need to start preparing now for driving on snow and ice. Driving on snow and ice is always challenging, but with a bit of preparation everyone can hopefully enjoy a safe winter season.


Distracted Driving, Communication Devices and Nebraska: A Summary of the Law

By |October 11th, 2011|

By: Jeffrey Lapin

Nebraska drivers are not immune from the distractions posed by the desire to “communicate” while driving. Nebraska enacted additional laws in 2010 to try and minimize distractions caused by these devices. However, Nebraska law currently only focuses on those items a driver brings into the vehicle. As noted in another article regarding new technology in motor vehicles, the law is still behind the technology. […]

Distracted Driving: Risks Inside Your New Car or Truck

By |October 7th, 2011|

By: Jeffrey Lapin

An article within Consumer Reports’ October 2011 issue (Connected cars: A new risk) discusses the risks, by diverting the driver’s attention to something other than driving, posed by new technology, such as the ability to text, tweet, access the internet, in many new cars and trucks. The article discusses the types of equipment available now or in the very near future that can cause driver distraction, which, increases the risks of a collision. These features include the ability to send text or email messages or listen to text messages, emails, Twitter and Facebook postings. Essentially, vehicles are becoming more “connected.” […]

Texting Doubles a Driver’s Reaction Time According To New Study

By |October 6th, 2011|

By: Jeffrey Lapin

The Texas Transportation Institute’s recent study, An Investigation Of The Effects Of Reading And Writing Text-Based Messages While Driving, found, among other things, that a driver’s reaction time is doubled when driving and sending or receiving a text message. The findings were worse than what most experts expected. […]

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