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Bike WrecksBicycles are a fun way to get around. They are cost efficient and provide exercise and the opportunity to be outside. However, bicycles offer very little protection in an accident. Wearing a helmet and other safety gear is essential to help prevent or minimize injuries. However, even taking these safety precautions, when a motor vehicle strikes a bike, the rider’s injuries are usually severe and may result in brain damage, spinal cord injuries or broken bones.

Bicycles are the only vehicles that are treated differently depending on the circumstances. At times, a bicyclists are considered “pedestrians” while at other times that must follow the laws governing motor vehicles. This difference makes a difference when determining fault, which usually is based on “right-of-way.”

Intersections and driveways are usually the most dangerous for bicycle riders.

The reason is motor vehicle drivers are usually only watching for their chance to exit the driveway and fail to see a bicyclist riding by.

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