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Growing up we are all told to look both ways before crossing the street, cross with the walk signal and within the crosswalk. As we learn to drive, we are often told pedestrians always have the right of way. However, despite these warnings, pedestrians are still struck and killed by motor vehicles daily. Pedestrians have no protection when hit and usually sustain serious injuries or death.

Pedestrian accidents often injure those who are most vulnerable – children. Children often do not understand the danger of an approaching vehicle and are unable to accurately gauge distance or speed.

In most situations, a pedestrian crossing a street with a “walk signal” in a crosswalk has the right-of-way over any vehicle. More difficult questions arise when there is no “walk” signal or a painted crosswalk. Every person, whether driver or pedestrian, has the right to assume that everyone else will obey the “rules of the road.” However, as a pedestrian you must be aware of what is going on around you and not place yourself in danger even if you have the legal right- of-way.

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