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Any traumatic injury to the neck or back poses serious risks to the victim. Injuries to the neck and back range from strains/sprains (usually referred to as “whiplash”) to a severing of the spinal cord itself. Even injuries with no spinal cord damage can take months or years to resolve or may never fully heal. Injuries to the neck and back may require a number of medication, physical therapy, chiropractic care and other types of medical treatment. Spinal injuries can cause intense pain and may severely limit a person’s ability to work and engage in recreational activities.

Prior injuries, age and cumulative activities all play a role in the functioning of the neck, back and spinal cord. A traumatic event, like a motor vehicle accident, can cause a new injury, aggravate a pre-existing but non-symptomatic condition or aggravate an on-going condition.

The majority of injuries to the spinal cord itself cause paralysis and loss of sensation below the vertebral injury. The extent and duration depends on the exact injury, its severity and location.

Similar to traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries are emotionally and financially devastating to the victim and their family. Spinal cord injuries can cause paraplegia or quadriplegia as well as many other health issues, including bladder, bowel and breathing problems. These injuries also usually result in the loss of sexual functioning.

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of spinal cord injuries followed by violence and falls.

Cases involving injuries to the neck and back, whether the spinal cord itself is injured, are complicated. Victims with these injuries need an attorney who understands the physical structures of the neck and back, as well as the emotional, psychological and financial costs involved. Spinal cord injury victims usually need lifetime medical care and physical assistance.

Insurance companies spend millions of dollars trying to avoid paying accident victims for neck and back injuries. A common insurance company tactic is to offer low amounts or nothing for “low impact” or “minimal property damage” accidents. They rely on “studies” and “experts” who claim people cannot be hurt or seriously injured in these types of accidents. They also hire doctors who blame problems on pre-existing conditions rather than the accident. At Lapin Law Offices we are familiar with these tactics and know how to counter them.

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