Lincoln Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

There is nothing like the thrill of driving your motorcycle down the roadway. However, every year, the number of motorcyclists seriously injured or killed continues to rise. Motorcycle accidents are often attributed to the inattention of automobile and truck drivers. While motorcycles have an equal right to use the road, their smaller size, maneuverability and operation is different than automobiles and other vehicles. Unless someone has driven a motorcycle they may not be familiar with these differences.

Motorcycle drivers and riders usually suffer more serious injuries than the occupants of other motor vehicles due to the lack of physical protection afforded by automobiles, trucks and sport utility vehicles.

Many people, including potential jurors, are prejudiced against motorcycle riders. This bias usually is based on viewing one motorcyclist riding recklessly. They ignore the hundreds of motorcyclists they drive by but do not notice because these riders are driving safely. Whether you ride a Harley Davidson, sport bike, a chopper or other type of motorcycle, at Lapin Law Office we understand how to combat this anti-motorcycle bias and we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle Accident Legal Help

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