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Truck AccidentWhen an accident involves a heavy vehicle or semi-tractor trailer truck, the damage to the other vehicle is usually much more significant than in other types of vehicle crashes. Due to their sheer size and weight, accidents involving semi-trailers, trucks, buses or other large motor vehicles can easily cause catastrophic consequences. There is a much higher percentage of serious injuries and deaths in collisions involving these types of vehicles.

Accidents involving heavy trucks often involve a number of complex issues not present in other vehicle accidents such as: where the truck owner and operator may be sued; owner-operated and employee-owned trucks; other laws besides the Rules of the Road that may be applicable; and evidence that may be available to show fault.

Truck accidents may be linked to the failure of the driver or trucking company to comply with the Department of Transportation applicable laws and regulations, such as truck maintenance, hours on the road, weight limits, training and qualifications of the driver.

An experienced attorney can ensure a truck or bus accident is properly investigated and your rights are protected.

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