Lincoln Premises Liability Lawyers

A common misconception is that the property owner is automatically responsible for injuries on their property. This is not true. A property owner or possessor must have done something wrong for them to be liable.

The most common cause of an injury on another person’s property are falls resulting from a slip or trip. The fall may due to ice, snow, an uneven surface or many other causes.

Depending on the circumstances, in order to recover money, there are several things that you need to prove. You have to establish: that the condition on the property, which caused your injury, was dangerous; that the owner either knew or should have known about this danger; and that property owner failed to take adequate precautions to protect people from this danger.

Slip/ trip and falls cases are usually very difficult to win and it is important to consult with a Lincoln premises liability lawyer as soon as possible so evidence may be obtained before it is lost or destroyed.

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