Unemployment insurance benefits are designed to help you survive financially while looking for new employment. If you have separated (been terminated or fired) from employment or if your hours have been significantly reduced you may be eligible for unemployment benefits.

To qualify for benefits, you must meet certain basic requirements, including:

  • That you earned sufficient wages before separating from employment;
  • That you separated employment under non-disqualifying conditions;
  • That you are able and available for work; and
  • That you did not refuse suitable employment.

To start your claim for unemployment benefits you file your claim. A claims adjudicator will review your claim and send information to your previous employer. After the claim’s adjudicator receives information back from your previous employer, he or she may attempt to contact you again to clarify any conflicting information.

The claims adjudicator will then make a determination of your eligibility for benefits and mail you a Notice of Determination.

If either the employer or you disagree with the claims adjudicator’s determination, the matter can be appealed. Your appeal will then be heard by an Administrative Law Judge at the Nebraska Appeal Tribunal. Often times the employer will be represented at the hearing; you have the right to have an experienced attorney represent you as well.

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