Congratulations to Patrick Driver of Lapin Law Offices for getting a win in the Nebraska Court of Appeals this week. Patrick took over the case after it was abandoned by another attorney during the appeal. He had to spend a considerable amount of time not only doing the research and writing the brief but reading the trial transcript as well.


The case was Glenhaven Village, Inc. v. Kortmeyer (Case No. A-12-288). The main issue for the Court of Appeals to decide was whether the trial court erred in determining the value of monthly service fees in an implied contract. The case involved a mobile home park owner and a renter, who Patrick represented. The owner attempted to charge the client the full amount it was charging other renters even though the client was only using the mobile home park’s utilities and was not renting an actual mobile home.

Patrick was able to get the finding in favor of a lower amount affirmed with the Court of Appeals, which actually utilized some passages in its opinion. While the case was partially remanded and reversed it was only for the trial court to recalculated the number of months that the renter actually owed money. Unfortunately, the Court of Appeals chose not to publish the opinion but a notation was made in Decisions of the Nebraska Court of Appeals – Cases Disposed Of By Memorandum Opinion

Nebraska Court of Appeals Decisions - Glenhaven Village v Kortmeyer


Patrick M. Driver: AttorneyPatrick Driver has been an attorney at Lapin Law Offices since April of 2011. He primarily represents injured and abused clients. He does not limit his practice to cases involving physical injuries, he also handles cases involving financial injuries. Learn more about Patrick on Lapin Law Offices website: Patrick Driver.

It was a substantial win for Patrick’s client.

Great job Patrick.