By: Jeffrey Lapin

Picture taken by the Oklahoma City Police Department showing the aftermath of the May 20, 2013, tornadoesI am an (almost) life-long Husker fan. Since the Nebraska vs. Oklahoma “Game of the Century,” played on November 25, 1971, I have always rooted against the Sooners. Events like those in Oklahoma yesterday, May 20, 2013, remind us that sports rivalries should be put aside when something tragic occurs. The lives of those killed, wounded and whose property was destroyed in Moore, Oklahoma City and the surrounding communities are more important than the outcome of any sporting event. While sports may keep us apart, today we should all be “Sooners.”

For those wanting to help the Oklahoma tornado victims the best thing authorities and groups providing aid is donating money. Some of the organizations collecting funds and directly providing support and services to the Oklahoma victims are:

Nebraska For Oklahoma

Nebraskans for Oklahoma

Although I can only speak for myself and office, I am sure that the thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathies of Lincolnites, Nebraskans and the Husker Nation are with the entire Sooner State today as you deal with and recover from yesterday’s devastating tornadoes and storms.

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