The Number 4 with Lapin Law Offices Logo embeddedI am proud to announce that Lapin Law Offices celebrated its 4th Anniversary on December 15th. It has not seemed like 4 years already. Since the beginning the focus has been to represent injured, abused and disabled clients with caring, passion and dedication.

This past year has not been as much about making significant changes like last year. It has been ensuring we are always ready, willing and able to represent clients, both old and new. We have increased our postings and presence on various social media sites. In addition, we have been trying to blog as much as possible to help provide information about the areas of law Lapin Law Offices handles as well as providing information for consumers to protect themselves from scammers, identity thieves and those who want to violate their legal rights.

Everyone at Lapin Law Offices remains committed to representing clients with caring, passion and dedication. We will continue to evolve so as to best represent injured, abused and disabled Nebraskans. This evolution includes: tracking new laws and court decisions; and continuing to provide information to those most likely to need it, both in written blog form and a video blog.

Thank you to our clients for believing in Lapin Law Offices to represent them in their time of need. We also want to thank our family and friends for their continued support.

We look forward to many more anniversaries.

Happy Holidays.


Jeffrey Lapin


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