Lapin Law Offices Announces Its Additional Practice Areas and New Web Site,

Lapin Law Offices is proud to announce that we are now representing clients whose rights have violated because of abusive debt collection companies (FDCPA), telephone and fax abuses (TCPA), and unfair credit reporting acts (FCRA). We have created a new website,, with information and resources about these practice areas. We remain committed to representing all of our clients with caring, passion and dedication.

For cases involving debt collection, while we may not be able to make the underlying debt go away, we can help stop the abuse, and obtain some money for you. In addition, the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) provides that if we prevail on your case, the debt collector has to pay our attorney fees and your legal expenses. Similar to our cases involving collisions, accidents or other injuries, If we do not collect any money for you, you do not owe us anything.

Lapin Law Offices does not handle bankruptcies nor do we offer financial planning, money management, debt consolidation, debt negotiation or credit counseling services.

If you been harassed, abused, threatened or treated unfairly by a debt collector, contact us today to learn about your rights and how Lapin Law Offices can help.