By: Jeffrey Lapin

Candle inside State of NebraskaLast week there were 14 deaths in motor vehicle crashes in Nebraska. This is the most for a seven day period in more than 7 years. These deaths bring the number of fatalities for 2013 to 27, the most for the first 5 weeks of the year since 2008. Weather has been a major factor for these traffic fatalities as there was significant snowfall and much colder temperatures last week.


Nebraska December 2012 Traffic Fatality TollAccording to the Nebraska Department of Roads’ December 2012 Fatality Toll:

  • 15 fatalities in 13 crashes;
  • 10 of the 15 vehicle occupants killed were not using safety belts;
  • By road surface:
    • 1 fatality occurred on the Interstate;
    • 6 happened on non-Interstate highways;
    • 8 occurred on local roads;
  • 9 of the fatalities occurred in rural locations;
  • 5 of the fatal crashes were head-on collisions;
  • 7 of the fatalities were to people aged 65 or older.

Nebraska’s yearly total for 2012 was 211 fatalities in 189 crashes. This was more than an 11% increase both in the number of fatalities and fatal crashes from 2010 and 2011.


Nebraska Traffic Fatality Toll Comparison as of February 4, 2013Weather was deemed to be a significant factor in many of these fatal crashes. Many places in Nebraska received 5 inches of snow or more and temperatures dropped into the single digits. The majority of these fatalities occurred on rural areas, where speed limits are higher and weather conditions can have more of an effect on winter driving.

Nebraska’s Highway Safety administrator Fred Zwonechek was quoted about these crashes and the weather:

“Whether it’s black ice or snow or fog, people tend to overdrive their abilities and get into trouble.”  

Drivers adjust to changes in weather over time … When conditions swerve suddenly, they have a tough time.

“We have a pretty short-term memory about what it’s like and what we really need to be doing.” 

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