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Blog Post: FDA Asks Doctors and Pharmacists To Limit Acetaminophen

In January of 2011 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had asked drug manufacturers to limit the amount of acetaminophen to no more than 325 mg in each tablet or capsule by January 14, 2014. While more than 50% of manufacturers complied with this request, there were many who did not. Because of this, on January 14, 2014, the FDA asked health care professionals to stop prescribing dosages of medication that exceed 325 milligrams (mg) of acetaminophen and to help prevent, in most situations, a patient from receiving more. […]

Blog Post: Cell Phone Surveillance Costs Can Change Privacy ProtectionsThe United States Supreme Court has held that a person does have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their public movements. However, no specific rule has been announced as to when law enforcement surveillance violates this right. A Yale study found that the costs of surveillance can be as little as $.04 an hour. Decreasing costs of surveillance should trigger increased police surveillance under the Fourth Amendment otherwise there is too large of balance in favor of law enforcement over individual privacy rights.

Blog Post: Can A Font Decrease Driver DistractionAutomobile and truck manufacturers are increasingly using a single LCD screen to control many in-vehicle accessories like music, GPS and climate control. The text styling on these LCD displays, as well as the buttons surrounding them, are a part of the manufacturer’s branding, just like everything else inside and outside the vehicle. This post’s title, “Can a Font Decrease Driver Distraction?” seems to have been answered as researchers have found that different fonts (typefaces) can have an impact on driver attention. More specifically, certain fonts, such as Humanist, can actually reduce driver distraction more than other fonts.

Blog Post: Iowa Stopping More Out-Of-State DriversAn investigation by the Des Moines Register of about 22,000 traffic warnings and citations issued by two Iowa State Patrol crime-interdiction teams from 2008 to 2012 showed that eighty-six percent (86%) went to out-of-state vehicles. Of these, 16,375 were warnings and 5,685 tickets.  […]

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween PumpkinHalloween is an exciting and scary time of year with costumes, trick-or-treating and parties. It is also truly frightening when you look at some parental attitudes and the statistics of Halloween-related injuries and deaths. We offer some tips to help you, your family, guests and trick-or-treaters, a happy and safe Halloween. just as a precaution, we have listed some suggestions in case there is a zombie invasion. […]

Constitution Day: 2013Constitution Day, which is observed every September 17, commemorates the signing of the United States Constitution. It was on September 17, 1787, that the United States Constitution was signed by thirty-nine of the “Founding Fathers” of the United States. These 39 signatories are often called the “Framers of the Constitution.” The U.S. Constitution is the oldest constitution in the world that is still operative. September 17 is also “Citizenship Day” and federal laws provide that these two days are to be combined into a single day.

Olive Garden Cyclospora LawsuitsOlive Garden has been sued at least five times by people claiming they contracted cyclospora after eating tainted salads. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has traced a tainted salad mix that caused the cyclospora outbreaks in Nebraska and Iowa to a company in Mexico. The cause of the outbreaks in Texas and other states are different and the FDA and other governmental agencies are still investigating. Fortunately, no one has died as a result of cyclosporiasis. […]

LaborDay2013Labor Day occurs on the first Monday every September. This year, Labor Day is on September 2, 2013. While enjoying your day off, take a moment to think about why we celebrate it. Labor Day began as a way to protest poor working conditions and low pay. Today, Labor Day is a celebration of and for the American worker, both past and present. […]


A request by Nebraska law enforcement to put up an Amber Alert on I-80’s electronic message boards was denied, in part, because the victim was too old. Amber Alerts are only issued for child abductions in Nebraska and Iowa. […]

Lincoln with the top of the State Capitol Dome in silhouetteCongratulations Lincoln for receiving Google’s eCity Award for 2013. Google, along with an independent research firm, analyzes the “online strength” of local small businesses in all fifty states. The city with the highest score wins the eCity Award for that state. Lincoln had the highest score this year for Nebraska. […]