National Wear Red Day 2015Today is National Wear Red Day®, which is celebrated annually on the first Friday of February. The American Heart Association (AHA), HHS, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), and many other organizations celebrate and promote National Wear Red Day to raise awareness about women’s  heart disease and the fact that it is largely preventable. Heart disease is the #1 cause of death of women.

This post will discuss the National Wear Red Day and Heart Truth® campaign, what heart disease is as well as statistics, risk factors and prevention.  […]

Lapin Law Offices Logo With a 6

Lapin Law Offices celebrates its 6th Anniversary on December 15, 2014. Our focus and motto, which began from our inception, is to be the Nebraska law office that is: Caring, Passionate and Dedicated. That is how we have and will continue to represent each and every client. We, as a firm as well as individually, had a number of highlights in 2014.

We would like to thank our clients, friends and family for helping us reach this 6-year anniversary. We look forward to 2015 and will continue representing injured, abused and disabled Nebraskans as well as achieving other professional and personal goals and highlights.


The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently announced its preliminary Top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations for fiscal year 2014. Unfortunately, the top 10 for 2014 was the same as 2013. This demonstrates that employers continue to not do enough to protect their employees. […]

Blog Post Image: California Businesses Cannot Limit Negative ReviewsCalifornia will become the first state that will impose civil penalties for businesses that include non-disparagement clauses, which are those that limit or prohibit negative reviews by customers. The law also goes farther and punishes businesses that “otherwise penalize” consumers for negative reviews. This law is considered a victory for consumers while businesses face a lot of uncertainty. […]

Fitness Band and Digital SelfUse an activity-tracking device, such as a fitness tracking band, or application? Users should be very cautious due to serious security issues as your data may not be safe. These tracking devices and applications contain a lot of personal, private information. According to Symantec, in a Report entitled “How safe is your quantified self?” users need to be very concerned about security with these devices and applications as their data may be at risk.

Mona Lisa with a My Little Pony HeadThe Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a conviction based on “morphing” an image to include a minor’s face as depicting child pornography. The appeals court rejected the man’s arguments that federal pornography laws, as applied to the “morphed image,” were not unconstitutional under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The “morphed image” was a couple having sex with a minor’s face superimposed over the adult female in the original image. If the man chooses to appeal, either the full Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals or the United States Supreme Court would have to reverse the decision.


Give To Lincoln Day May 29, 2014Give to Lincoln Day 2014 began at 12:00 am today. Give to Lincoln Day is a day dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations in the city of Lincoln, as well as Lancaster County, Nebraska. From 12:00 am to 11:59 pm people can donate to qualifying local non-profit organizations. The Lincoln Community Foundation, along with other sponsors, will be giving away an additional $300,000 in a challenge match pool. Help keep Lincoln great. Make a donation now, without leaving your home, by going to givetolincoln.com. […]

Administrative Professionals' Day 2014HAPPY ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONALS’ DAY 2014

Today, April 23, 2014, is Administrative Professionals’ Day. It is just one day of week-long celebration, Administrative Professionals’ Week, where we acknowledge the contribution of administrative professionals to the success of business throughout the United States. Please join with us in thanking all administrative professionals for all of their hard work and dedication. […]

Washington’s Birthday aka Presidents’ Day

Today, February 17, 2014, is Presidents’ Day. It was originally established in 1885, and was held on February 22, to honor and recognize George Washington’s birthday. Abraham Lincoln also had a February birthday. Although it is still officially called “Washington’s Birthday, it is widely known as “Presidents’ Day,” and is generally viewed as a day to celebrate all United States presidents. In addition, the celebration date was changed to the third Monday in February in 1971 as part of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

Happy Presidents' Day


Blog Post: Kansas Lawmaker Wants Deadlines On Courts Issuing DecisionsKansas Senate Vice President Jeff King has offered Senate Bill 289 that, if passed and enacted, would impose time deadlines for most Kansas courts to have to issue decisions in cases. The impetus for the bill appears to be that Kansas legislators have been waiting for the Kansas Supreme Court to issue a ruling on a school finance lawsuit that was heard on appeal by the justices in October. This bill seemingly has problems with both enforcement and the separation of powers between the legislative and judicial branches of government. […]